3% of each sale will be donated to the Foundation listed on a monthly basis
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Give back

Traders Island believes that everyone on this Earth should live a happy, healthy and active life! We are looking to give back to not only our community here in Lake Forest, IL but through out America and then beyond. We believe it is one's health wellness and feel of belong that keeps those who are less fortunate to feel and be the best they can be. Traders Island is involved with a couple of the local organizations and has been closely affected by most of them in one way or another. We want all our customers to feel good inside and out!

Below are a list of the foundations, the design, and website. 

Challenged Athletes (Triathlon design) -www.challengedathletes.org 

NationalEating Disorders (Fit2BHealthe) - www.nationaleatingdisorders.org

Children's Heart Foundation (Sea My Heart) - www.childrensheartfoundation.org

US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation (S.E.A. Inc) - www.teamusa.org

Wounded Warrior Project (Swole Force 1) - www.woundedwarriorproject.org

Project Fit America (Super Swole) - www.projectfitamerica.org

Tory Burch Foundation (Running in High Heels...) - www.toryburchfoundation.org

Recover On Water ROW (Traders Island) - www.recoveryonwater.org

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association GLASA (Lake Forest Life) - www.glasa.org

Inner City Weightlifting (#PhitAF) - www.innercityweightlifting.org